#OccupyWendy’sClassicGreekPita Starts Now

In the late ’90s, Big Sis was a vegetarian. Now, before you lazily assume that she was the type of high school/college girl who was only a vegetarian for a year to be “unique” and get attention (like me), please observe a moment of respekt for the fact that homegirl was a vegetarian for something like 15 years. Now THAT is dedication.

Now, just because Big Sis did um…how do we say… “overly direct” me a bit while we were growing up–and just because I have a vivid memory of her kicking me under the Thanksgiving table at my grandparents’ house every time I had the audacity to take a bite of turkey–does not mean that her vegetarianism compromised our sacred snack time. Nay! For while Big Sis, Lil’ Bro, and I frequently argued about many important things (which lame Internet chat room we would harass by way of Friday night amusement, who would have to “take out the dog” by literally just opening the back door), we always worked in perfect harmony when it came the obtaining and enjoying of tasty treats.

During the glorious years when my sister could drive and had not yet gone off to college, we were in our element–hitting up the Village Pantry or Ricker’s for junk food (and later, lottery tickets), pulling up to Taco Bell for Bean Burritos and Cinnamon Twists, and driving thru at Wendy’s for the most awesome “healthy” fast food of all time, the Wendy’s Classic Greek Pita.

Do you guys remember this thing? It was warm, salty, olive-y, feta-y, and always hit the spot with either a Frosty or a soda. (Or a water, if it were during swim team season.) To this day, I crave these things like crazy. I mean really–what even comes close to the Classic Greek Pita when one is craving a slightly healthy yet tasty fast food meal? Every now and then, when my husband and I are driving a distance and he asks what I’d like for lunch or dinner, I deadpan, “A Wendy’s Classic Greek Pita and a Junior Frosty.” If he loved me, he would find a way.

But it is going to take more than just the ramblings of a humble blogger to get Wendy’s to DO THE RIGHT THING ALREADY AND BRING BACK THE BEST ITEM THEY EVER HAD ON THEIR MENU, AND YES I AM INCLUDING THE FROSTY AND THE FRIES AND THE JR. BACON CHEESEBURGER WHEN I MAKE THAT STATEMENT. Ahem. Sorry. What I meant to say is that this noble effort is going to take ALL of us, dear friends. That is why I am formally asking you to join me in creating the #OccupyWendy’sClassicGreekPita movement.

“Oui, mon capitaine!” you shout! “Tell us, our leader, what do we have to do?” Well…you know. Maybe leave a comment here, I guess. Hey, maybe I’ll “@Wendy’s” and link to this post or something? Or maybe one of you could start a FB group? It’ll go viral, right?

But on the real, Wendy’s…what argument could you possibly make against re-offering this delicious dish of “retro” awesomeness? If not for your loyal, tested Greek Pita fans, then surely for the young global citizens who were born too late to remember or even to have ever tasted your finest offering? By your own admission, it is a “classic.”

Do the right thing, Wendy’s. Heaven just called. It’s Dave Thomas. And he endorses this message.


About missblissindc

Miss Bliss lives, works, and reminisces about the golden age of her youth in the Midwest from the DC area. She’s a Scorpio, but only in the good senses of that term. To share your 1980s/1990s mem’ries, e-mail missblissindc@gmail.com.
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2 Responses to #OccupyWendy’sClassicGreekPita Starts Now

  1. Big Sis says:

    You should totally post our “recipe exchange” here in the comments!!

  2. Dark Souls 2 says:

    That is pretty interesting, how can I get involved in this?

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