Balki Bartokomous: Living the American Dream

Perfect Strangers was popular in my household as a kid. (My dad could never remember what it was called, and simply would ask if Funny Guys was on.) Who wouldn’t be charmed by this sitcom? You’ve got Balki Bartokomous, fresh off the boat from a distant land, eager to learn American ways from his cousin, Larry Appleton. What with the cultural and langauge barriers, not to mention Balki’s insistent optimism and Larry’s lazy ambition, the Odd Couple had nothing on these two!

But if you really want to be inspired, just watch the intro. Allow me to impress you by typing the “hook” portion of the lyrics from memory:
Standing tall/on the wings of my dreams/rise and fall/on the wings of my dreams/the rain and thunder/the wind and haze/I’m bound for better days/It’s my life/And my dream/And nothing’s gonna stop me now…

My friends in the theatre, take note: Wouldn’t it be something if a male vocalist auditioning for, say, Oklahoma! had the you-know-whats to roll up to the casting director and say calmly, “For my vocal selection, I will be performing the theme song to Perfect Strangers”?

If I were that casting director, I would know I had found my Curly.


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Miss Bliss lives, works, and reminisces about the golden age of her youth in the Midwest from the DC area. She’s a Scorpio, but only in the good senses of that term. To share your 1980s/1990s mem’ries, e-mail
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2 Responses to Balki Bartokomous: Living the American Dream

  1. LA says:

    OMG this brings me back to my childhood–I think Balki was the predessor for BORAT!

  2. sb says:

    Haha weird, we were just talking about this show (and the rest of the TGIF lineup!) yesterday at my office. trufax: I had a crush on Bronson Pinchot for a while after seeing an interview with him on the Jon Stewart Show in the early 90s.

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