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Don Your Top Hats and Boots, Y’all…It’s Monday

Well, chickens…it’s Monday. Sad to say. Time to set the alarm, pack the lunches, drop off the dry cleaning, and head off to the firm, the Rayburn Building, the daycare, and the scary underground drone tunnels of Crystal City. What … Continue reading

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‘Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet’

Here’s a lovely little something for your Sunday: You can keep your Pixar and your millennial Disney/PBS cartoons. I’ll take the Andrews Sisters crooning about this classic love story of two hats any day. I love the tune, I love … Continue reading

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Caboodles: How Ladies Keep it All Together

As all ladies who came of age in the ’80s and ’90s know, it takes a lot of products to look this good—whether you are trying the achieve the “bird-of-paradise” look of a Cyndi Lauper or the subtle, understated polish … Continue reading

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Boo…ever since Christmas, I’ve been reading Dave Ramsey‘s sage financial advice. You know what that means, right? Saving, saving, saving. Taking lunches to work. No lattes. No ideeli, Gilt Groupe, or Rue LaLa online shopping/drooling. No over-the-top Valentine’s Day gifts, … Continue reading

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Are You There, George Michael? It’s Me, Big Sis

Miss Bliss bows before the theological and musical knowledge of her Big Sis, who today comments on a living demigod legend… Attempting to describe the greatness that is George Michael is a bit like trying to understand and articulate the … Continue reading

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Checkmate, Good Game

When you’re in the fourth grade, you have some tough choices to make. Are you going to keep your from-birth best friend, who stuck by you through thick and thin on the playground, but who now has developed a rather … Continue reading

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LTTP Product Reviews: Love’s Scent Collection

From time to time, we here at Zack Morris Cell Phone will present “Late to the Party Product Reviews” to give you the insider scoop on the hottest products and trends of days gone by. The first in this series … Continue reading

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